Rideau Park United Church is a growing church in Ottawa its surrounding suburbs, striving to be “a welcoming faith community”. Rideau Park United Church is a new client of ours and their recent website redesign project had three primary goals: engage new visitors and show the engaging work of its ministry, emphasize live streaming services, and improve the mobile user experience.

Rideau Park United Church Website Design and Development Needs

Rideau Park United Church uses video, photo galleries, updated documents and weekly/monthly events to create an engaging homepage that welcomes users and makes them feel at home. The warmth of the in-person visit reaches through to the online experience as well.

The website redesign for Rideau Park United Church has been a fantastic method of allowing them to more effectively reach the Ottawa community. Their congregation is growing weekly as they share the Gospel both in person and online.

The website is a contemporary-looking, user-friendly site that incorporates Rideau Park’s impressive history, its vibrant present, and gives a sense of what their future as a community of faith can become.

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