Project Description

When it comes to real estate law, Farber Robillard Leith LLP is one of the top law firms in Ottawa.  They take the time to fully understand your situation and pride themselves in providing exceptional legal services to all of their clients.

APM Solutions first worked with Farber Robillard Leith to renovate their website a few years back.  Much like trends in fashion or music, trends in the web change too, which is why Farber Robillard Leith approached me again in 2014 to give their site a modern update and a mobile presence.   The goal of this redesign was two fold.  First, they wanted to change the appearance of the site to better resonate with current and potential customers, and to create something different that would push the boundaries of what normal websites had to offer.  The second aspect to this redesign was Search Engine Optimization.

I was able to restructure the important information such as their practice areas and improve the content of their blog.  I fleshed out the practice areas offered by the firm in far greater detail.  Each practice area was assigned its own page which included a detailed synopsis.  Lawyer bios were also added to provide more background on the people that work at Farber Robillard Leith LLP.

The other area of the site that needed an overhaul was SEO.  This was accomplished mainly due to the restructuring of content.  The increased number of content-specific pages resulted in a larger number of searchable key words.  This addition provided more specific areas for search engine crawlers to examine.